James A. King

British bestselling author and trusted partner to some of the worlds most elite and exclusive organisations.

James A. King

Within the world of business, King has advised CEOs, private equity (PE) firms, and hedge fund (HF) managers.
James has counselled government agencies and specialist military units. He also provides guidance to coaches, managers and athletes within the English Premier League (EPL), Team GB, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Jason Henderson

Master Chief, Navy SEAL NSWDG (Retired)
I have seen first hand how James King builds elite performance individuals and organizations. His strategies are unique, innovative and proven. I unreservedly recommend James expertise to anyone involved in high performance.

James holds a first class degree in Applied Sports Science, and an MSc in Performance Psychology, both from the University of Edinburgh.

He has spent the last fifteen years hitting all this theory hard with the biggest metaphorical hammer he could find, to see what breaks in practice.

The hedge funds, specialist military units and sports teams he has been privileged to work with aren’t content with inspirational speeches or optimistic theories about performance.

They care about one thing… measurable and enduring results. For them this means mission success, profit, and gold medals. Anything else is just talk. His work with them was judged on the hard currency of results.

King has presented case studies on his work for the MBA programs at the University of Oxford, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mark Shapiro
President & CEO Toronto Blue Jays
Greatness is not achieved accidentally; from developing athletes, to coaching, to managing employees, James King possesses a deliberate and accessible roadmap for optimizing human behavior to maximize elite performance.

King's fundamental beliefs are that:

Performance is never a coincidence. Those who seem to have it all are often the people who have a system that allows them to go out and get it. Elite performers align with a specific set of principles; whether they realise it or not. These principles enable them to get better faster and capitalise on their ambition, talent and effort. A principle-based methodology means that committing to achieving excellence becomes a series of logical steps rather than a dream-chasing exercise.

Excellence is a predictable, volatile and exponential process. Progress isn’t linear. There are no straight lines to the top and there are no exceptions to this rule. Through aligning with the principles of human performance, we can build overwhelming advantages that stack the probability of success so high in our favour. King aims to tell you exactly what they are, why they are so powerful and how you can achieve alignment too.

It’s not a question of whether change is possible, but rather how much change is possible. Many of us are blind to the enormous amount of latent potential that exists within us. We need to shift our perception from reaching potential to expanding potential. The great news is that under the right conditions, and not limited to genetic code, we all have the potential to develop exceptional abilities, which can lead to incredible achievements. With the right strategy and effort there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

The better we understand how to accelerate excellence, the better we can collectively work to shift the baseline and make the things that matter to us all get better, faster. Kings aim is to democratize access to this information so that the principles he operates by are practiced not just by an elite few, but by the majority. In his opinion nothing is more virtuous than striving to accelerate our pursuit of excellence in whatever it is we do. It requires us to enhance our ability to contribute, to solve problems, eliminate barriers and expand the way those around us perceive what is possible.

King aims to set spotlight on expanding potential, bringing excitement, and chasing down excellence. His ambition is to raise awareness, provoke insight, and shift the way you perceive potential, crushing some of the most entrenched assumptions on the way. The hope is that his principles motivate, excite and inspire confidence for you, the way they did for him. So that you emerge inspired about the possibility that exists before you, along with purpose, structure and direction.

Muwaffaq Salti
Founder and Chairman of Mandara Capital
James transformed the selection and training process at Mandara and an exponential increase in revenue followed immediately. James is relentless in his pursuit of improved performance. If I were to start my company from scratch I would partner with James ahead of any other person I have ever worked with.

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