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Whatever the challenge, or odds you or your organisation may face there are always solutions

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Empower you and your organisation through unmatched empirical science, determination and strategy. James will ensure you find solutions, emerge through obstacles stronger than you went in, build out your own high performance team and ultimately; win.

James A. King
#1 Best-Selling Author

No one can guarantee success. But we can stack the odds so high in your favour it becomes inevitable across time

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One to one

James works one to one with a handful of elite owners, Mangers, General Managers, CEO’s, CIO’s and Commanders committed to producing winning results.

Red Teaming
James conducts personal short, sharp bursts of intense analysis, diagnosis and intervention identifying where your organisation is leaking progress and then problem solving to uncover actionable strategies that eliminate obstacles, unlock dormant potential and generate winning results.
A unique opportunity to gain access to a team of experts with proven track records in generating elite performance across sport, business and elite military in order to unlock your organisations potential to excel, providing you with an edge previously reserved for the elite among us.

James is a long-term partner with a select set of elite organisations across business, military and sport ensuring the odds are staked in their favour through aligning with the principles proven to drive elite performance.


James is available for various commercial opportunities ranging from but not limited to; charity, media, brand ambassador.

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James A. King
#1 Best-Selling Author
Through studying outliers I know how excellence emerges, why certain individuals and organisations excel, and the scientific forces driving this process, and most importantly, how to bring you into alignment with them

What others say about James

For thirty years I’ve read the personal development and motivation literature. I learned more than all of that combined in James one hour presentation. James energy, passion and belief lifted the energy of the whole team and has transformed how I personally look at my own performance.


UK Special Mission Units

James King is the tip of the spear when it comes to motivation, confidence and resilience. His innovative and unique understanding of the mechanics of human performance make him the definitive coach of the future. He has cracked the algorithm for excellence.


James King knows what it takes to make people excel! You can’t afford not to know what he’s teaching. How to progress will become very clear, very fast, and very exciting. James shows you the tools, they hit your brain, it clicks, you transform, and results follow.

Mens Health

James captivated the audience consisting of Castik’s portfolio CEOs, CFOs, and CSOs. His energy and clear messages left everyone feeling excited to put James’ concepts into practice to advance their own personal development to lift each company’s executive team’s performance to the next level. Truly inspirational and the most valuable personal development workshop I have personally ever had. A huge thank you

Michael Groeber

Co-founder & Partner of Castik Capital Partners

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