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One of the most in-demand speakers James radiates an infectious enthusiasm that brings any room he is in to life, the result of which is clearly visible from the impact he has upon shifting individuals and organisations perceptions of their own potential. This underpins his unique engagements.
James A. King
#1 Best-Selling Author
Excellence is used in this binary, ethereal way. When you add it all up it looks like magic. It’s not. Its principle based science.

James principles are rooted in empirical science, brought to life with real examples, and highly actionable- to anyone, in any domain, at any stage of development.

Sharing his approach to building elite performance individuals and organisations he has delivered stories of adversity and achievement against the odds.

James will transport your audience as he recounts the empirical science and real life events that have shaped his strategy for success and will rapidly accelerate your pursuit of excellence.

James A. King
#1 Best-Selling Author
A principle-based methodology means that committing to achieving excellence becomes a series of logical steps rather than a dream-chasing exercise.

No one can guarantee success...

But, what sets King apart from the rest is his prioritisation of evidence based, proven in practice science that will enable you to stack the odds so high in your favour that success becomes inevitable across time.

All of James lessons and stories are specifically targeted to the areas that have maximum impact on where you and your team is currently leaking progress. Give your team the inspiration they need to take their performance to the next level with James’ bespoke Keynotes and Workshops.

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For thirty years I’ve read the personal development and motivation literature. I learned more than all of that combined in James one hour presentation. James energy, passion and belief lifted the energy of the whole team and has transformed how I personally look at my own performance.


UK Special Mission Units

James King is the tip of the spear when it comes to motivation, confidence and resilience. His innovative and unique understanding of the mechanics of human performance make him the definitive coach of the future. He has cracked the algorithm for excellence.


James King knows what it takes to make people excel! You can’t afford not to know what he’s teaching. How to progress will become very clear, very fast, and very exciting. James shows you the tools, they hit your brain, it clicks, you transform, and results follow.

Mens Health

James captivated the audience consisting of Castik’s portfolio CEOs, CFOs, and CSOs. His energy and clear messages left everyone feeling excited to put James’ concepts into practice to advance their own personal development to lift each company’s executive team’s performance to the next level. Truly inspirational and the most valuable personal development workshop I have personally ever had. A huge thank you

Michael Groeber

Co-founder & Partner of Castik Capital Partners

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In this conversation James will introduce your organisation to a series of evidence based proven in practice principles that you can immediately come into alignment with activating a psychological and biological edge over the competition.


This conversation focuses on four mechanisms that everyone that excels has been empirically proven to align with and most importantly, how you can bring your organisation into alignment, stacking the odds of success in your favour.


During this conversation James outlines the patterns of thinking proven to generate outlier performance across all domains, providing you with a highly actionable way to rapidly shift your own perceptions of possible.

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